3 Tactics for Overcoming Haters

hatersThere are haters out there – everywhere. Some subtle, some very direct.  They are the folks who don’t believe you can do what you say you can do, brush off any of your success, and often beat you down – (emotionally, not physically).

Haters are toxic to creativity and can hinder pushing forward on your goals. How do you deal with them?

Decide not to associate with them, and cut your losses

It’s not worth being miserable everyday. If you circle the parking lot before heading into work, it’s time to move on and find some new associates. However, it can be difficult to not associate with these folks if they are close friends or family, and in that case it is worth talking to them about what is going on. It will probably be a difficult and uncomfortable discussion, but it is better then lying awake in bed each night with the anxiety and doubt. You might even be able to turn them into supports!

Understand why they act like they do

They are usually unhappy with something in their own life. So to make themselves feel less unhappy, they knock you down. People can often indulge in their own fears and may take it out on you.

Use it as fuel

Easier said then done, but this can be the most productive use of the negative energy. Turn it into positive and productive energy to fuel the fire! Prove them wrong. Even if you don’t get to see their face (which will probably be even more enraged) when you attain your success, you can know your accomplishments irritate them even more!

Time can heal wounds, but it doesn’t solve everything. If the relationship is important to you, it is worth addressing the issues head on and ameliorating the situation.