The 5 Step Scientific Method for Startups

science-catRemember science fairs?  The excitement that comes from standing in front of a tri-fold board and explaining the meaning of words you don’t even know to strangers who walk by is…exhilarating, right?

Having a “method” to the madness that is the startup/my life has become an important task. That doesn’t mean I shy away from crazy and irrational decisions – but it DOES mean I very often (but not always) analyze the data prior to making a choice (side note – be open to always collecting new data points!). read more

5 (tasty) Ingredients for Creating Professional Software Tutorials

videofactsFor this post, I want to share some tools I’ve used to create awesome looking software video tutorials.  There are lots of options out there, but choosing the right tools will make your experience much more pleasant.

We’ve all probably watched videos on YouTube on “how to do” something software related (okay, maybe just me).  Most people don’t spend any amount of time making these videos look decent, so all you get is a tiny or blurry picture with echo-y and low volume. read more