Drop everything, and create your immutable laws

Every person and organization has a “code” they live by. They shape the decisions that are made and help keep you (or your co-workers) in check to what is really important. Many times, this code is theoretical and abstract. However, writing them down not only holds yourself and others accountable, but strengthens your team and builds a common goal for daily living.

I first came across Immutable Laws while reading The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz (great read, highly recommend for any budding entrepreneur). I first started out by using the laws he created in one of his companies, but quickly learned each person, each organization needs to write their own.

After just a few weeks at my new startup and less than a week after more than doubling the size of our department, we sat down with our newly minted team and created the Customer Success Immutable Laws:

Obsess on customer success – customers are the root of our company. We only succeed when our customer succeeds.

Enthusiastically drive change – change is to be embraced and encouraged.

Help teammates win – work together to achieve our goals. We also jump in to help others GSD (get shit done).

Say “that’s” my job – don’t wait for someone else to take ownership of a task or project.

Choose to be positive – positivity breeds positivity. Make a choice each day to be positive.

Never assume things are finished – things can always be improved, built upon. A product might be shipped, but it is never complete.

Celebrate authentically – wins should be acknowledged and given accolades. If it was a forced completion, don-t pretend it was a win.

Become a culture owner – every single person has the opportunity to be a driver of the company culture.

Encourage and appreciate vulnerability

Advocate and initiate ideas – the only way to grow is to continually think of the next “thing”.

Delight! Everyday

Make success your priority

Go the extra mile – customers and coworkers always remember when someone goes above and beyond.