The Most Important Formula You Need to Solve

formulaWe often associate formulas with mathematics, however they are hugely beneficial to use in many other circumstances that don’t include just numbers.

Figuring out what you need from your current or future job can help you create a career path that best fits your personality, needs, ambitions, and lead to a more fulfilling life.  I call this your “work-happiness formula“.

Take a moment to list out the factors that are important to you.

Once you have your factors, take the top 5-7 and place a multiplier in front of them (not exceeding 100%) in order to prioritize them.

Unlike math formulas, your equation may change over time as you grow and learn more about yourself.

What does your equation look like?


(.25)Time with Family + (.10)Health Insurance + (.30)Challenging Work + (.15)Positive Work Environment + (.20)Compensation = 🙂

Smorgasbord of Factors:

Ability to Learn New Skills

Surrounded by People Who Work Hard

Time with Family


Take Risk

Competent Leadership

Health Insurance


Recognition for Contributions

Cool People

Positive Environment

Challenging Work

Room for Growth




Tuition Reimbursement